Blondie Bundles BC

All Bundles are hand created by Victoria Moody / Spsana creator of Blondie Bundles BC.

I’ve known Spsana & her family since the day I was born, and couldn’t be more thankful to carry her beautiful work. Spsana (East Wind Girl) is from the Nuxalk Nation - Valley of Nuxalkulmc - Bella Coola Valley, Village Nut’l - Stuie - Tweedsmuir. Our connection has allowed us to inherit knowledge and continue learning more about the Nuxalk Indigenous practice of Smudging. We have always had a very strong respect for the land and practice.

“Our territory has provided all we need since the beginning of time. It provides food, shelter and even medicine. Once I started really getting into my culture, I began harvesting and creating bundles; I learnt from my grandparents and auntie. This practice is something that has been passed down generation to generation, this is something I inherited from my grandparents. I only harvest & create if I am in the right mind space, and bring friends & family that I know have good energy and will put good energy into it. I locally harvest the Cedar & Sweetgrass here in Bella Coola and ethically source the Sage from Indigenous owned businesses.” - Spsana