Our Story

I remember buying one of Hayley's first malas. She custom made a black and pink skull mala for me and I loved it so much. In fact, I loved Hayley and the business she was creating so much we eventually worked together in a coaching capacity to increase sales and get clear on the vision. There were some very key core values for me that kept me following I am Blessed and emotionally invested. Canadian, West Coast based; family oriented; great quality, ethically sourced products are the foundations of our business and legacy that we will carry on.

For me, mantra meditation and malas are a foundational piece of my meditation practice. Not only using them with my two favourite mantras, Om Gam Ganapataye Namah & I love you, but also making them. Making the malas is a calming and healing practice in itself.

For Sari, at 18 years old, she found herself already in the North American grind. Working two jobs and trying to stay afloat during Co-vid, she found her anxiety and displeasure with the daily grind at an all time high. Together, her and I chose to create a healing business in this world as opposed to adding more stress and unhappiness. Working together has brought us closer together than we have been in years. Not only do I get to teach my daughter about alternate living, creating and designing a life she's happy to live, we get to do it together.