Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp
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Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp

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This Lava Salt Lamp is calming and relaxing, with a warm ambient glow and rests on an elegant metal base filled with Himalayan pink salt mined from a 250 million-year-old sea bed.

Himalayan Salt lamps are said to be “natural ionizers,” which means they change the electrical charge of circulating air. They boost moods, improve sleep and air quality while creating a relaxing & calming space!

Product Features & Specification

  • Calming and relaxing, with a warm ambient glow.
  • Set the mood with the adjustable dimmer switch.
  • Perfect for meditation.
  • Size: 4.75" inches x 4.75" inches x 16" inches
  • 40W bulb and AC power cord included.

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