I Am A Free Spirit Mala Necklace
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I Am A Free Spirit Mala Necklace

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This Mala is one-of-kind and limited edition! Mala beads are a tactile reminder during meditation, chanting or breath-work. Having the beads keep the mind and hands busy to help focus one during meditation. Handmade to empower and support one through their journey. They are crystal & reiki infused and hand strung with intention & love.


Handmade with intention & 108 genuine 8mm beads.

  • Seed Of Life Pendant

Blue print of the universe

Contains the wisdom of growth, development & creativity 

  • Clear Quartz

Amplifies energy, memory and thought

Cleanses and amplifies other gemstones/crystals

Stimulates the immune system and balances the body

  • Blue Jade

Brings peace and serenity

Promotes calmness, happiness and relaxation

  • Sodalite

Promotes emotional balance, self-esteem & trust.

Calms panic attacks & anxiety 

Balances one’s metabolism & boosts the immune system

  • Silver Hematite

Strong grounding, balancing & protecting energy

Enhances focus, memory and original thought

  • Cedar

Encourages healing

Promotes spiritual protection

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