I Am Blessed Mala Bracelet, Size Large
I Am Blessed Mala Bracelets
I Am Blessed Mala Bracelet, Size Large
I Am Blessed Mala Bracelets

I Am Blessed Mala Bracelet

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Handmade with genuine 8mm beads.

  • Black Hematite

Strong grounding, balancing & protecting energy.

Enhances focus, memory and original thought.

  • Lava beads 

Strengthens one connection to Mother Earth and provides strength & courage.

[Also for essential oil use! Feel free to add a drop of skin sensitive essential oils to the bead -- Avoid spicy senses]

  • Clear Quartz 

Amplifies energy, memory and thought.

Cleanses and amplifies other gemstones and crystals.

Stimulates the immune system and balances the body.

  • Matte Onyx

Supplies strength and self confidence.

Promotes stamina and self-control. 

Banishes grief and stimulates decision making. 

  • Smokey Quartz 

Disperses fear and relieves stress, anxiety and depression.

Promotes positive thought and action.

Manifests dreams and banishes nightmares.

  • African Turquoise 

Eases mood swings and emotional aggravation. 

Encourages acceptance and a more optimistic attitude towards life.

  • Aventurine 

Promotes physical healing of the body. 

Increases health and prosperity. 

  • Fluorite 

Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress.

Increases self-confidence, concentration and decision making.

Improves mental and physical balance and coordination.   

  • Matte Sunstone 

Brings luck and good fortune.

Alleviates stress & fear and increases vitality. 

  • Matte Rhodonite

Promotes compassion and achieving one's highest potential.

Balances and clears emotional wounds and scars from the past.


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