I Am Healing Mala Necklace
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I Am Healing Mala Necklace

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This Mala is one-of-kind and limited edition! Mala beads are a tactile reminder during meditation, chanting or breath-work. Having the beads keep the mind and hands busy to help focus one during meditation. Handmade to empower and support one through their journey. They are crystal & reiki infused and hand strung with intention & love.


Handmade with intention & 108 genuine 8mm beads.

Introducing June's Mala of the month - The Embracing Healing Mala Necklace | I Am Healing

      • Lotus Charm Pendant
      • Clear Quartz

      Amplifies energy, memory and thought

      Cleanses and amplifies other gemstones/crystals

      Stimulates the immune system and balances the body

      • Pink dyed Jade

      Encourages love and harmony

      Promotes calmness in the nervous system

      Influences a state of acceptance

      • Rose Quartz

      Purifies and opens heart to promote love, self love and peace

      Restores love, trust and harmony in relationships

      Encourages protection from depression and sleep disorders

      • Sunstone

      Brings luck and good fortune

      Alleviates stress & fear and increases vitality

      Promotes confidence

      • Citrine

      Brings abundance & prosperity

      Absorbs negative energy

      Increases positive energy

      • Green Fluorite

      Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress

      Increases self-confidence, concentration and decision making

      Improves mental and physical balance and coordination

      • Aquamarine

      Encourages calming energy

      Reduces stress and quiets the mind

      Supports those overwhelmed by responsibility

      • Blue Dyed Jade

      Brings peace and serenity

      Promotes calmness, happiness and relaxation

      • Purple Dyed Jade

      Alleviates emotional pain and trauma

      Brings inner peace & calmness in ones heart and relationships

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      Elizabeth West
      Every Girl should have one!

      I absolutely love the mala beads, candle and lava lamp I ordered. Quality of the product was excellent. Shipping was very quick.
      My Mala beads are beautiful. I will definitely be ordering more.

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