We get asked lots of questions daily and I thought that I’d help break down some things about our Malas for all the new faces, and familiar ones who are interested in this knowledge! 

What are Mala Beads?

  • Mala Beads are a string of prayer beads traditionally used to help focus the mind during meditation and/or count mantras.
  • Mala beads, commonly known as Japa Mala or Malas, originate from Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga practice.
  • Mala beads can be made of seeds, various types of wood and/or gemstones.
  • Gemstones are used to infuse their energy and healing properties in your everyday life.
  • I am Blessed Mala Beads are designed to support and empower you during your spiritual, mindfulness, healing and/or meditation practice.

Some history on Malas:

  • It's believed that Mala Beads originated in India, in the 8th century B.C.
  • Mala Beads have been around for almost 3000 years.
  • They originate from Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga practice!
  • The word Mala, comes from Acient Nepal and India's Sanskrit lanuage, and translates to "garland."
  • The word bead comes from the Anglo-Saxon term "bede," which translates to "prayer" or "to pray."
  • Japa, the Sanskrit word, means "to utter in a low voice, repeat internally."

Why 108 Beads?

  • Mala bead necklaces consist of 108 beads and commonly include a Guru bead and Tassel.
  • 108 is a sacred number
  • The significance of 108 can be linked to many different meanings.
  • There are 108 sacred texts, 108 marma sites in the body, 108 lines of energy that connect to form the heart chakra and 108 and 108 sacred sites in India.
  • 108 is seen as a number of 'the wholeness of existence'

 Buddhist meaning of 108:

  • 108 human passions that impede enlightenment
  • They believe there are 108 feelings: 36 related to past, 36 related to present and 36 related to future.
  • Further calculations come from the 6 senses and the 3 types of sensation (6x3= 18). Then take the 18 senses and sensations and apply them to the 3 timelines (18x3= 54). And throughout the timeline, there's two ways to handle sensations (2x54= 108).

Hindu meaning of 108:

  • 108 is the basis of creation.
  • It represents the universe and wholeness of existence and the consciousness that we are all one and the same.
  • 108 represents the units of distance between ones body and the God within us
  • There are 108 sacred texts, 108 marma sites in the body, 108 lines of energy that connect to form the heart chakra and 108 and 108 sacred sites in India.
  • The Sanskirt alphapet is 54 letters, which when multiplied by 2, is 108.

How to care for your mala:

  • Keep dry to prevent string deterioration, (Avoid wearing them while bathing, showering or swimming).
  • Hang to store.
  • Put on carefully to avoid stretching string.
  • Avoid wearing your Mala while participating in heavy physical activities.
  • Avoid adding stress to the beads.
  • Keep your Mala in a clean/sacred space

Traditional Mala "rules:"

  • You are not to wear your Mala while sleeping or ever let it touch the ground.
  • You should avoid letting others touch or wear your Mala.
  • Keep your Mala beads clean, and stored in a clean/sacred area.
  • Cleanse your Mala periodically, or whenever you feel lots of negative energy around you.
  • Set your intention for a specific Mala and then charge it by repeating the mantra everyday for 40 days and on the 41st day it is charged with your specific intention
  • You do not change the mantra now, the mala is specific for that mantra.

How to use your Mala:

  • Mala beads are held in the right hand (as the left hand is seen as impure in some traditions).
  • The beads are held and worked through the thumb and middle finger with the index finger extended as the thumb lightly pulls the bead over the middle finger.
  • The index finger never touches the beads, It's related to the ego, which is ideally kept out of meditation.
  • Running the beads through your fingers as you chant you are able to keep track of how many times you have repeated the mantra or prayer.
  • You can also track the breath with an inhale for 1 bead and an exhale for 1 bead.
  • Turn around and count the opposite way when you reach the guru bead.

What is a Mantra?

  • A mantra is a sacred utterance, syllable, word or group of words in Sanskrit (and other languages) believed to carry religious and/or spiritual powers.
  • Some mantras have structure and literal meaning, while others do not
  • Mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport/vehicle.
  • A mantra is an instrument of the mind, one can use to enter a deep state of meditation and mindfulness.

Why a tassel?

  • A tassel, on a Mala, represents the lotus flower which is the symbol of enlightenment, higher consciousness and purity.
  • It symbolizes power, nobility and connection to spirit & highest truth.
  • Represents our connection to the Divine and to one another -- Oneness.
  • They are effective, helpful, and significant to one’s everyday life.
  • The word 'tassel' originates from the Latin language.

About the Guru Bead:

  • The guru bead represents your own guru or teacher, your deity, or you Higher Self, along with your intention.
  • The guru bead holds your prayers and intentions.
  • You start your meditation at the first bead to the right of the guru bead.
  • Cycling through each bead until you return to your guru bead and stop, not crossing the guru bead.
  • It's considered disrespectful to cross over the guru bead.

How are our Mala Beads created?

  • After each bead, is a hand tied knot.
  • Each Mala artist repeats a specific mantra for every single bead while creating your mala.
  • Each Mala is cleansed before, during and after creation.
  • As well, each Mala is Reiki infused.
  • Each Mala comes with its own design label that helps break down what crystals were used and their healing properties.
  • After washing and sanitizing our packaging space and hands, we put your order together and ship it out!

What is Reiki?

  • Reiki is an energy healing technique.
  • Used to reduce stress and promote healing.
  • Each one of our hand-crafted Mala beads is Reiki infused to increase the effects of the gemstones and strengthen the power of the specific mantra chosen for each Mala.
  • Want to learn more? Want to become certified? Check out Frikshuhn's Reiki course here!!!

Our beads are consistently cleansed:

  • We begin by cleansing the gemstones with sustainable, ethically harvested Sage to provide a clean slate to infuse each bead with its own specific mantra.
  • Followed by Palo Santo.
  • Each Mala is created with Incense burning and a diffuser going.
  • Each Mala (After Creation), is again cleansed with sage, palo santo, incense and infused with Reiki.


- CEO of I Am Blessed Mala Beads, Sari Vosburgh